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You’re not perfect… You’re more

You are worthy of being loved, accepted, and successful–– just as you are, right now, in this moment. 


You can't do everything perfectly always. Be yourself. That's plenty.

Believe it. 💛

About me

I go by the name of Anny, I’m just a 5″0 girl with one big ass dream.  My dream is simple. To learn and teach how to Walk With Purpose, be an excellent mother to Cartia and be an excellent ice cream eater.  In the words of ‘amazing grace’, I was lost, but now I am found and found self love and it's worth with purpose in life and I want to help you do the same.  

On the other hand, I'm also a full-stack designer, I keep my limitations and expectations in mind when creating UX/UI wireframes. When it comes to creating an aesthetic design, I'm learning more about what works and what doesn't. Even before I start releasing code or pixels, I become more realistic about what to expect.

Together let's create an unshakeable mindset to help you stay focused on your purpose (No matter what others say)

When you know what your core values are and choose to use them to serve the world in a meaningful way, you are living with purpose. Living with purpose and earning with purpose go hand in hand.

Finding your ikigai by doing!!

The point of this activity isn't to find the one thing that will make you smile every time you wake up. You won't find your life's purpose by doing just one thing; you'll find it through a variety of things like jobs, hobbies, rituals, roles, and relationships. Think about these four things to help you come up with new ideas and options.


What you LOVE


Dream project

Activities you enjoy now or enjoyed as a child


What you're


Strengths that energies you Skills you've learned

Skills you can teach others


What the world NEEDS


Impact you can have Frustrations

Pride and happiness



What you can be PAID for


Jobs you can do

Skills you can teach

Products or services you can sell


Get access to 100+ Self-Help Books for Free! [PDF Copy]

Little by little, it has been discovered that the achievement of happiness is more related to the satisfaction of being able to develop one’s gifts and unfold one’s essence as a human being, without major difficulty.

Thank you for your request; you will receive your first self-help book within 24 hours. I am very delighted to have you:)

Better by finding your purpose

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